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  2. Be careful, you are not in wonderland
    I’ve heard the strange madness long growing in your soul
    but you’re fortunate in your ignorance
    in your isolation
    you who have suffered
    find where love hides
    give, share, lose
    lest we die, unbloomed.
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  4. Walk of Shame on the Orange Line

    On Mondays the subway chokes with the pulse of its commuters,
    the residual swarm of gray and blue blazers,
    wing-tipped oxfords trudging through floors of garbage and homeless beggars.
    Does one’s mortality hide in the metallic shadows, beneath
    the soles of their dress shoes perhaps?
    I smudge my palm on the dirty window, the train sputtering along the city’s panoramic glittering.
    The clackering bridge pulls me back to the night before,
    the bed’s audible creaks while he mounted me; and I feel the
    sudden jolt of his torso throbbing, thick fingers gripping my shoulder-blades.
    I roll him off and exhale the remaining reefer, giggling.
    The wisp moves from my mouth as though in slow motion, my pupils spun back like crude slot wheels. I lay flat and stare at nothing.
    "I didn’t bring you here to smoke," he snaps, and being a people pleaser
    I nod, yes yes of course, and we fuck up until the moment his alarm sounds, 6am;
    "Heading to work now," he grunts.
    So I float from the apartment like a ghost, the looming sunrise swirled up with clouds,
    the streets are still and featureless.
    I watch the Spanish woman swirl around the sugar in her
    Venti with a tall straw, “Downtown Crossing Ahead,” the announcer says,
    and she sips the drink tiredly, stroking her son’s neck.
    The traincar’s chattering blurs into a jazzy song in an unfamiliar tongue,
    the gamut soul of humanity— each muddy syllable
    spills from their lips like something almost being said.

    ©Aaron Crawford


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  8. Asa & Stumbleine - Tinderbox (Vocal Mix)

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